Inventory Management Software
Today's competitive environment is forcing companies to optimize the procurement processes and inventory levels while at the same time ensure accuracy of controls and implementation. Of standard procedures for the flow of materials. However, in the absence of appropriate systems and information infrastructure, companies are finding it difficult to achieve smooth and efficient Materials planning and execution due to the following information-based limitations.

If these reflect your procurement and inventory management limitations as well, then Inventory Control and Valuation System by Core Solutions has the right answers to These critical problems ICVS – providing the right solutions for an efficient materials management.

Accurate stock information improves ordering precision. Companies lose business daily, due to inadequate stock to execute client orders. Online marketing can create tremendous complications, if information must be entered by hand and visually confirmed.

Inventory management helps reduce human error in shipping the wrong product to customers, which not only might cost two sales, but also could lose potential lucrative clients. Instituting bar codes is the first step toward automatic, real-time efficiency. Scans enter accurate information into all applicable systems, such as purchasing, manufacturing, shipping, or marketing.