GMAT for Bangladesh
GMAT is the abbreviation of Graduate Management Admission Test. Students of Bangladesh, who are interested for higher education in Business and Management in Abroad, need GMAT test. Students' ability to take a higher education in a foreign university on Business and Management is measured through this test. It is a computer based examination.

Validity of GMAT
In GMAT test students' ability on basic verbal, Mathematical and analytical writing skills are tested. For this there are three parts in this test and these are:

Analytical Writing Assessment

Quantitative Section

Verbal section

In this section the examinee will analysis the probable cause of the argument and then a comment on that argument will have been given. After Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative Section will come. There are 37 multiple choice questions (MCQ) in this section and it will be finished within 75 minutes. In this section there are two types of questions: one of those Data sufficiency and another is Problem solving .