Red Hat Announces Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, has announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, the latest major release of the company's flagship operating platform, setting the scene for its server operating systems for the next decade. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, Red Hat defines new standards for commercial open source operating environments. Designed to support today's flexible and varied enterprise architectures, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 delivers the comprehensive foundation customers need for physical, virtualized and cloud deployments.

What's new with Red Hat Training and Certification?
Red Hat Training has offered Linux system administration courses and certifications for over a decade. With the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, we will continue to offer a job-relevant, hands-on training curriculum; a robust, performance-based certification program; and a consistent training experience worldwide. That means listening to our customers, listening to the market, and taking into account developments in the job roles and backgrounds of those administering and working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux today. With that feedback in mind, we have made three important changes to our Linux system administrator and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) curriculum's.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) replaces RHCT
Red Hat certifications are demanding and require the ability to apply practical system administration skills relevant to the workplace in a time-critical environment. Our core system administration credential up until this point, Red Hat Certified Technician, has been discontinued and we have introduced the New Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) to more closely align with the Linux administrator job role that is common in IT organizations around the world. Students who successfully complete the RHCSA exam are able to handle the most frequent and critical tasks required of Linux system administrators. Red Hat is introducing two curriculum tracks aligned to the RHCSA credential. Red Hat System Administration I [RH124] and Red Hat System Administration II [RH134] is a two-course track that is best for IT professionals who do not have extensive Linux command line experience.

The RHCSA is a distinct and separate exam from the Red Hat Certified Engineer accreditation. Red Hat Certified Engineers typically handle tasks that are the responsibility of senior Linux system administrators including automation, security and network services administration.

Please note: RHCTs who earned their credentials on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 will automatically attain RHCSA certification, but for appearing for RHCE in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, they will have to appear for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 RHCSA exam. Individuals who earned the credential on all previous releases will remain RHCTs and are encouraged to update their skills and validate their knowledge with the RHCSA exam. Because RHCSA is replacing RHCT, no additional RHCT exams will be offered going forward.

New Courseware
The following new courseware kits are applicable for delivery of RHEL 6 training leading to RHCSA and RHCE certifications.

RH124 - Red Hat System Administration I
Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is designed for IT professionals who are new to Linux and require core Red Hat Enterprise Linux skills. Focused on administration tasks that will be encountered in the workplace, this course will actively engage students in task focused activities, lab based knowledge checks and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skill transfer and retention.

In addition, GUI based tools will be featured to build on the students existing technical knowledge, while key command line concepts will be introduced to provide a foundation for students planning to become full time Linux system administrators. By the end of the five day course, students will be able to perform installation, establish network connectivity, manage physical storage and perform basic security administration.


40 hours.


Microsoft Windows system administrators who need to quickly learn core Red Hat Enterprise Linux proficiencies.

System administrators, network administrators, and other IT professionals who require proficiency performing core tasks in Linux.

Non Linux IT professionals on the path to becoming a full time Linux system administrator.

RH135 - Red Hat System Administration II
Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA Exam (RH135) is designed for IT professionals working to become a full-time enterprise Linux system administrator. The course is a follow on to System Administration I, and continues to utilizes today┬┤s best-of-breed contemporary teaching methodology. Students will be actively engaged in task focused activities, lab based knowledge checks and facilitative discussions to ensure maximum skills transfer and retention. Building on the foundation of command line skills covered in System Administration I, students will dive deeper into Red Hat Enterprise Linux to broaden their "tool kit" of administration skills.

By the end of this five day course, students will be able to administer file systems and partitioning, logical volume management, access control, package management and troubleshooting best practices. Students who attend Red Hat System Administration I & II will be fully prepared to take the Red Hat Certified System Administration (RHCSA) exam.


32 hours.


IT professionals who have attended Red Hat System Administration I, and want the skills to be a full-time enterprise Linux administrator and/or earn an RHCSA certification.

RH255 - Red Hat System Administration III
Red Hat System Administration III (RH254) is designed for experienced Linux administrators who require networking and security administration skills. With a heavy emphasis on practical hands on labs, this course is tightly aligned with experienced Linux administrators┬┤ job tasks and the skills required for advancement. Focus is placed on enhancing the students┬┤ automation skills to securely configure, deploy and manage network services including DNS, Apache, SMTP and network file sharing.

In addition, this course emphasizes security including monitoring, packet filtering, access controls and SELinux. At the completion of this course, students already familiar with the RHCT/RHCSA administration skills will have exposure to all competencies tested by the RHCSA and RHCE exams


32 hours.


Linux IT professionals who are currently RHCT/RHCSA, and are interested in earning an RHCE certification.

Course Name Class Time Class Day Course Duration Course Fees
RedHat Linux-6 7pm-10pm Sun, Wed 104 Hours Tk.21000 (with 3 Original Books)

Course Modules:
Module No Module Name Course Duration Certification Fees
RH124 Redhat Linux System Administration-I 40 hours RHCSA Tk.7000
RH135 Redhat Linux System Administration-II 32 hours RHCSA Tk.7000
RH255 Redhat Linux System Administration-III 32 hours RHCSE Tk.7000

Day Course Hour Class Duration Course Duration Course Fee
Fri Fri(9:00am-1:00pm)& Sat(3:00pm-9:00pm) 4 Hours 104 hours 21000 BDT
Fri, Sat Fri(3:00pm-7:00pm)& Sat(6:30pm-9:00pm) 4 Hours & 3 hours 104 hours 21000 BDT
Sun, Tues 6:30pm - 9:30pm 3 hours 104 hours 21000 BDT

RedHat Admission:
Batch No Course Name Class Day Class Time Class Duration
31 RHCE-6 Friday 7:00pm-10:00pm 3 Hours